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Waller County Recycling Center

Waller County Recycling Center does not buy any material. No commingled trash will be accepted. All recyclables must be sorted/cleaned prior to arrival in either bags or containers into the following categories:

Plastic: Plastic must be labeled/stamped grade 1 or grade 2 for recycling (water/soda bottles, food containers, detergent containers).  Grade 3-7 will not be accepted for recycling (PVC, Vinyl, Soft plastic, Styrofoam, construction plastic)

Mixed Paper: Packing paper, newspapers, paper bags etc.  Paper material that is coated in plastic or with binding will not be accepted for recycling.

Office paper: Files and other documents that are on printer quality paper and shredded paper.

Cardboard: Corrugated and Non-Corrugated cardboard (cereal boxes, food boxes, thin cardboard) accepted, boxes should be flattened and free of other debris.

Glass: All food/beverage container glass is acceptable. Tempered glass, porcelain/ceramic, and light bulbs will not be accepted for recycling.

Aluminum Beverage Cans: Beverage cans only (soda or beer) please do not comingle other aluminum scrap with the cans.

Scrap Metal: Tin food cans, aluminum food cans, scrap metal, aluminum foil/pans etc.  Appliances are acceptable but refrigerated appliances (Freezers, Refrigerators, Window A/C Units) must have any Freon removed prior to disposal.

Batteries- We accept all types and sizes of batteries.

Electronics- We accept most types of electronics some exceptions may apply. We do not accept CR TV’s, CR Monitors, or rear projection TV’s.  Some fees may apply see back for details.

Disposal Prices
Customer’s payment must be paid with cash or debit/credit(with additional fee)
Residential Recycling Only.  Must be free of any water or debris.

Road and Highway Tires:

$3.00- Passenger and Light Truck Tires

$12.00- Passenger and Light Truck Tires with Rim

$15.00- Large Truck Tires

$20.00- Duplex/ Super Single Tire (double the width of a large truck tire)

If you have any Farm or Heavy Equipment tires please call us ahead for pricing.

$1.00 per gallon- Petroleum based automotive fluids (motor oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering, and hydraulic oil), waste cooking oil (no grease)

.25c per pound for TV’s/Monitors

.25c per pound for Printers

We do not accept: Trash, coolant, water, gasoline, paint, solvent, chemicals, or other non-petroleum liquids for recycling.

Loads that do not meet specifications may be rejected.

Residential recycling only. Business, Commercial, and Agricultural waste NOT accepted.


  • Waller County Recycling Center
    32159 Morton Rd.
    Brookshire, Tx 77423

    Tuesday: 8am-6pm
    Wednesday: 8am-4pm
    Thursday: 8am-6pm
    Friday: 7am-3pm
    Saturday: 8am-12pm

    Closed: Sunday and Monday

    Residential recycling only.
    Business, Commercial, and Agricultural waste NOT accepted

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