Waller County Child Welfare Board of 2017, Members

Nita Browne, Secretary                                            landnventure@yahoo.com

Debra Ferris, Treasurer                                             ferris.wccwb@gmail.com

Scott Green, Parliamentarian (281)808.1673       scottgreen@wallercounty.us

Katina Harris, Chairperson   (936) 463-1893           waller.cwb.2017@gmail.com

Ben Lohmer                                                                ben@pattisonchurch.com

Debra Mergel, Attorney                                            mergel.law@gmail.com

Tracy Sebesta                                                              tam3602@gmail.com

Annette Baker

Carla Foster-Pitts                                                        pittswccwb@gmail.com

Rainbow Room Needs

Looking to Donate?

The Waller County Child Welfare Board is always looking for financial and in-kind donations to better serve the needs of our children. To give a financial donation, contact the board treasurer. For in-kind donations to our “Rainbow Room”, please contact the board secretary or chairperson.


The Waller County Child Welfare Board meets every third Monday at 3:00pm in the Commissioner’s Court Room found on the second floor of the Waller County Courthouse in Hempstead, TX

Christmas Event - 2017